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History has been shaped and influenced by the out come of ancient trials—such as the Trial of Socrates in 399B.C.—to Rosenberg Trial in the 1950s. This site offers a comprehensive look at 50 prominent court trials throughout history and its resources can be used to give young learners an introduction to the history of the modern judicial system.


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The Capital and the Bay, ca. 1600-1925

What picture have people painted of the Washington, D.C. in written works? [...] »

Las Vegas: An Unconventional History
Photo, casino! las vegas, April 14, 2005, tricky ™, Flickr, creative commons

Why is Las Vegas one of the world's most popular destinations? How has it [...] »

Liberty Rhetoric and 19th-Century American Women
Illustration, Keep Within Compass, 1785-1805, Winterthur Museum.

Compare early women's rights campaigns to the rhetoric of the American [...] »

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Past Rebel Lines

Benedict Arnold wasn't the only spy in the American Revolution. Take this [...] »

African American History Month: Civil Rights Worldwide

These African American civil rights activists affected more than the U.S. [...] »

Discovering Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus—a legend without a face? Answer these questions about [...] »

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Women's Reform Movement
Print, A downright gabbler, or a goose that deserves to be hissed, 1829

The Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments in 1848 reflected the voices of [...] »

Photo, "An ex-slave," 1897, New York Public Library Digital Gallery

What was it like to be a slave in 19th-century America? Accounts contrast. [...] »

Panic of 1873
Panic as a Health Officer Cleaning the Streets

Beginning in Europe, the Panic of 1873 quickly spread to the United States [...] »

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National Museum of African American History and Culture

What does it mean to be an American? Answer this question through the lens [...] »

National Portrait Gallery

Allow students to "meet" their favorite historical figures.

[...] »
Society for History in the Federal Government
Transparency, U.S. Capitol exteriors, c. 1920-1950, Theodor Horydczak, LoC

Represents historians across executive, judicial, and congressional [...] »

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Friendly Fire
battleship firing

Fratricide and allied questions. In the heat of battle, mistakes happen.

[...] »