K-2 Resources


National Portrait Gallery

Allow students to "meet" their favorite historical figures.

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Teaching Tools

Civics Online
Photo, Roy Takano [i.e., Takeno] at town hall meeting, LOC

Gain inspiration for new ways to approach political history.

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3-5 Resources


Mystery Strategy for Elementary Students

Using the premise of a mystery, elementary students act as history[...] »


America on the Move, Part One: Migrations, Immigrations, and How We Got Here
Photography, Immigrants just arrived from Foreign Countries, 1904, Underwood and

Electronic field trips are a great way to engage students without leaving[...] »

Classroom Tools

Historical Thinking & Literacy

Follow the Line
Photography, Time Flies, 12 July 2008, Alan Cleaver, Flickr CC

Use these resources to integrate timelines into lesson plans!

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Using Technology


Does something this much fun belong in the classroom? Yes!

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