K-2 Resources


Teaching with Historical Film Clips
Photo, Television, April 19, 2007, largeprime, Flickr, cc

Explore this approach for teaching with historical footage in the elementary[...] »

Teaching Tools

Civics Online
Photo, Roy Takano [i.e., Takeno] at town hall meeting, LOC

Gain inspiration for new ways to approach political history.

[...] »

3-5 Resources


Pockets from the Past: Daily Life at Monticello

What do the contents of pockets say about their owners? TAH teachers model[...] »


Who Invented the Telephone?
Helen of Many Glaciers Hotel, 1925

The history of the invention of the telephone is as clear as a Bell . . . or[...] »

Classroom Tools

Historical Thinking & Literacy

Integrating Language Arts and History

Elementary teacher Karen Eanes hooks her students with engaging historical[...] »

Using Technology

VoiceThread in a 1st-grade Classroom

Students are never too young for digital tools—watch first graders use[...] »